Price: $8,499 $7,695


  • Condition: New vehicle
  • Manufacturer: Widescape
  • Model: WS250
  • Year: 2023
  • Stock #: WS001 - IN STOCK
  • Type: Multi-segment
  • Exterior colour: Black
  • Engine: 250 EFI
  • Cylinders: 1
  • HP: 20.0
  • Transmission: CVT
  • Cooling system: Liquid cooling
  • Seats: 1


  • Weight: < 200 pounds
  • Engine Size: 242 cc
  • Fuel Consumption: 3 L/H
  • Design: HDPE plastics resist shocks and cold. Unique and attractive visual design.
  • Electronics: On-screen odometer and speedometer, heated handles and optional USB port.
  • Front Suspension: Optimized for winter use with 140 mm of travel and 40 mm stanchion.
  • Engine: Designed for high reliability in rough conditions; 4 strokes, EFI, electric start, liquid-cooling.
  • Ski & Steering: Optimal reactivity without compromising on buoyancy.
  • Powertrain: CVT Transmission.
  • Rear Suspension: Inspired by the snowmobile for performance and built to last with 100 mm of travel.
  • Chassis & Tunnel: Aluminum design for weight reduction and high strength. Proven non-slip surface to hold the rider in place.
  • Track: Designed specifically for our application with 38 mm high lugs.
  • Warranty: 2-Year Limited Warranty



The original stand-up snowmobile More versatility. More fun.

- Widescape’s custom-built 242cc WS250 engine. Compact, lightweight,

fuel-efficient, and extremely durable for high reliability in all conditions.

- Direct-drive CVT drivetrain made by CVTech, ensuring a smooth and

responsive power output every time you press on the throttle.

- Solid and lightweight aluminum chassis and frame for a super floatable

and maneuverable ride.

- Non-slip traction mat with snow-clearing grooves.

- High-performance front and rear suspension for a smooth and agile

driving experience.

- Thumb-operated throttle for ease and comfort.

- Custom designed scaled track, engineered and crafted by Soucy with

1.5 in. lugs for optimal traction and control.

- Custom designed ski, manufactured by PPD. Equipped with a single central

keel and dual-side runners to ensure optimal grip and precise handling.

- Light and compact bodywork made with HDPE plastics that resist shocks and

cold 4 in. digital display that give you all the info you need while you ride: low/high

oil temperature, low battery voltage, check engine, odometer, tripmeter, clock


2 Years!


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